Building on over 30 years of experience transporting all manner of goods, from small boxes to full truck loads, we can transport what you need moved. We provide proven adaptable, courteous, dependable, direct and resourceful personal service from first communications through delivery and beyond.

Sure, there are dozens of people that have a van or pickup and can transport your refrigerator or couch across town for $50, but would you trust them with that special one-of-a-kind custom price-less furniture? (Wait, what? He transported your refrigerator in his van lying down? Refrigerators can never lie down.) I mean, any Tom, Dick or Harry can move that 150 gallon glass fish tank (that you are giving to your kid in college 100 miles away) with a stand and accessories in the back of their Scion XB without any scratches or nicks or damages for 50 bucks, right? Right? "Uh, yeah, sure it will fit, sure I can do it. LOL! Oh, um, oops, sorry about that crack, just a little one. Oh and it was heavier than I thought even though you said it was heavy so that will be more money now."

As we all know, everything has a cost to it. It is how we deal with those costs which will determine how we progress and survive. Of those dime-a-dozen cheap transporters, does their bid/quote really reflect and cover their costs? In most cases, the answer is no. They will end up driving vehicles that are under maintained, underinsured and without required legal Federal or State authority to transport goods. Do you really want to trust your items be transported in vehicles that are on the verge of breaking down, or by an unauthorized transporter?


In this day and age of needing to make your money work harder for you, every thing counts. The items that you have did not come free or cheap, so why would you use a free or cheap transportation service provider? After all, you get what you pay for.

Here at eServices For You, we believe you and your items deserve to be treated with the upmost of courtesy and respect. We approach each job individually to determine the best way as well as the safest way to move your items. Maybe it only took 4 guys to deliver that 6 person spa into your back yard a couple years ago for $50 plus a couple of 6-packs, but maybe using 6 guys or spending extra prep time to customize some dollies is the safer way to do it.

We will only bid or quote on a job that we know we have the skills, equipment and personal to get it done safely and securely. Between our 3 pickups, 8 1/2' by 16' utility trailer, 4' x 6' utility trailer, ramps, portable shop crane, pallet jack, drum truck, various jacks, various straps, various chains and chain accessories, furniture dollies, lots of blankets and rope plus lots of tools to build custom crates and cradles, we will make sure that what we move is done safely and protected from damage at all stages.

Based in the Eastern San Gabriel Valley of Los Angeles County, California, we specialize in transporting goods in the greater 7 county Southern California area and on an extended basis to: The California Central Coast, Central Valley and High Desert areas; Southwest Nevada including the Las Vegas area; Western Arizona including the Phoenix area and semiannual trips to Oregon.